Reclamation of oily waste water (oil content 5 - 30 mg/l) for high pressure cleaner with water demand up to 1,200 l/h as an innovative and efficient filtration for reusing water for wash processes, combined with chemical free retention of hydrocarbons and tensides for discharge into public sewer system with unbeatable price efficiency ratio.

WRH 1200 classic is suitable for reclamation of oily waste water with a concentration of hydrocarbons of 5 - 30 mg/l, which occurs, for example, when washing engines, vehicle underbodies or components with a high-pressure cleaner. The WRH 1200 classic works with a water throuput of 1,200 l/h and it is also able to discharge 550 l/d of treated waste water into public sewer without using any chemicals. Using this plant, fresh water consumption can be reduced by as much as 85 %. Fresh water is only necessary for rinsing of vehicles during wash processes. Due to low consumption of energy and simple installation the WRH 1200 classic stands out for very low investment and operation costs. The WRH 1200 classic combines two types of filters: activated carbon filtration and the filatwist system developed by Kärcher.Filatwist is the name of the new filtration technology developed by Kärcher. Hundreds of synthetic filaments are twisted together to form a filter through which the dirty water is routed. The filaments are loosened for backwashing so that they can be thoroughly cleaned with relatively little water demand. Filatwist reliably retains all particles larger than 5 µm, which helps to protect components that come into contact with water - such as gaskets, seals and valves. The surplus water from the washing process passes through an activated carbon filter and can then be discharged into the public sewer system. The filter treats up to 550 litres a day, and this process ensures th
at waste water limit values are maintained. Neighter an additional booster pump nor a storage tank or an electronic control is necessary for operation with a high-pressure cleaner. This apparatus is simply connected to the WRH 1200 classic's outlet valve. The WRH 1200 classic model is mounted on a wall. The treatment process and back wash of filter are controlled manually.

Chemical-free solution

  • Low operating costs.
  • Supplies high-pressure cleaners directly.
  • Fast investment payback.

Backwash filters

  • Effective elimination of particles > 5 µm.
  • Exceptional price/performance ratio.

Modular concept

  • Tailor-made solutions depending on location and customer requirements.
  • Low space requirement.
  • Easy to install.