The compact WPD 50 water dispenser has everything that a water dispenser should have. It dispenses ambient and chilled
water. An active carbon fi lter provides a better taste. The UV lamp destroys bacteria and viruses. Intuitive buttons and icons
ensure easy operation.

Economical drinking pleasure

  • Basic features: chilled and ambient water.
  • No handling and transport costs compared with gallon and bottled water.
  • More space available for things more important than gallon bottles.
  • Cost-effective.

The purest water combined with safety

  • The active carbon fi lter ensures a pure taste by removing
  • chlorine and heavy metals from tap water.
  • UV lamp destroys bacteria and viruses.
  • Chemical disinfection of all water-conducting lines, the cooling module and the water dispensing valve.

Modern design

  •  Ideal for small installation locations when space is limited.
  •  Intuitive operation thanks to clearly identifi able buttons.
  •  Clearly recognisable water dispensing area for optimal positioning of the drinking vessel.

Self-service possible

  •  Easy access to all components allows self-service.
  •  Self-service saves unnecessary service work, which also saves money.