Single disc machine for light cleaning and maintenance in small and medium-sized areas. Especially easy to handle.

The BDS 33/180 C Adv single disc machine is perfectly balanced with two robust aluminium bars. The machine allows convenient cleaning of both hard surfaces and textile coverings. Thanks to its light weight and a working width of 330 mm, the machine is particularly suitable for carpets and small areas. The wide handle enables easy and convenient handling, even for inexperienced users. The tank (available separately) can be easily removed for filling

Features And Benefits

Storage hooks for accessories
• Brush, second brush or accessories can be kept on the hook.
• Secure storage, even during transport.

Wide, ergonomically designed handle
• Good application of force is possible.
• Low-fatigue operation.

Handle can be completely folded down
• The Machine is easily stored.
• Compact design - ideal for cleaing inside a car
• Extension cable available everywhere and very easy to replace.
• No repair on device necessary (low service costs).
• 15 m cord included in the scope of delivery.

Small diameter
• Ideal for smaller areas.
• Very easy to use.

Extensive range of accessories
• Accessories tailored to the application case, such as a tank, brushes in different degrees of hardness, pad drive board, different pads, microfibre pad, diamond pads, etc.

Whisper quiet
• Can also be used in noise-sensitive areas (e.g. hotel, hospital or office).
• Reaches under furniture and radiators.

Tank on the motor casing (option)
• Central weight distribution, resulting in increased contact pressure while also being light to carry.
• Very good accessibility, rapid removal with handle. Can be filled at a water basin.
• With filling level display for continuous water level control.

Two oval aluminium bars
• Extremely robust and sturdy design.
• Very good balance and quiet operation.