Product Description
Heavy duty flexible shaft – Work precisely for extended periods of time with complete control over your stationary projects.

The Dremel Fortiflex, where power meets precision, is a high quality precision tool with a 300W motor, precision hand piece and a foot pedal for variable speed control. With a wide range of Multi-Tool accessories applications range from cutting, engraving, grinding and routing in a variety of materials.

The Dremel Fortiflex is a high quality precision tool, consisting of a powerful hanging motor (300W), a patented heavy duty flexible shaft, an exchangeable precision hand piece and a foot pedal for variable speed control (0-20.000rpm). This makes it the ideal tool for stationary projects, like woodworking, jewellery making, stone working, car restoration, or any project where a combination of power and precision is required. The Dremel Fortiflex: power meets precision.

Features & Benefits:

High powered 300W motor for optimal performance.
Variable speed 0-20.000 RPM for better control.
High torque at lower speed ranges – for precision projects where high power is needed with lower RPM’s.
Foot pedal allows hands-free speed control.
Robust long life Flex Shaft, with patented system to reduce rotation heat and increase its life time.
Exchangeable precision hand piece through ‘click’ system.
Easy change of accessories through drill-bit chuck.
Ultimate precision through low collet run-out.
Variable shank diameter (0.3 – 4.0mm), suitable for all high quality Dremel accessories.